Travel Tips To Komodo and Flores Island

*Visa requirements

The visa requirements depend on the length of your stay and on your home country’s regulations. Indonesian visa requirements are prone to changes.Thus it is important to check the respective at the Indonesian embassy or consulate in your home country  before you start on your journey. If you want to extend your visa in flores you can visit immigration office in Labuan bajo or maumere.  
Imigration office in Labuan Bajo

·       *  Do’s and Dont’s

While visiting flores you will notice many cultural differences also in matters of behavior. Visitor who respect the local custom and tradition will find a heartwarming hospitality from their Indonesian host and get an unforgotable travel experience. It is therefore an advantage if you consider some basic cultural do’s and dont’s in flores :

1 -Dress Conservatively

For female traveler, it Is highly advisable to dress rather conservatively a shirt covering the shoulders and a lower body garment to the knees especially when visiting villages and cultural object. Unless you are on the diveboat or on one of Labuan bajo beaches or island frequently visiting by tourist you should wear more than just a bikini to swim. Best to bring a fast drying t-shirt , a pair of board short and a sharong/towel to change into if you plan to enjoy flores remote waters. Please also consider that it is inappropriate for men and women to change clothes in the same place. 
2   - Smile a lot

Probably the most important thing is smiling. Smile is an indicator for friendliness. Visitors who do not reply the smiles or greetings will find it hard to get close to the local people.

3 Reduce to use your left hand

Use your right hand for bringing food to your mouth as well as to pass on and receive things. The left hand being used to wash after going to the bathroom is considered to be dirty. Try to avoid passing food, money, shaking hands or touching people with your left hand as it will be considered offensive. Avoid touching men , women or even childern’s head as well as this is consider offensive. 

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