Lombok Komodo island trip 4 Days 3 Nights

We do sailing tour from Lombok to komodo till labuan bajo in 4 days 3 nights. Leave twice a week every wednesday and saturday. Booking a trip from Lombok Island till Komodo island and arrive in labuan bajo on the last day. Check the program below : 

Day 1: Bangsal Harbour - Sugian 

Leave at 11.00 am. 

Activities on the trip : swimming and enjoy sunset 

senggigi island

Day 2: Moyo island -Satonda island 

Activities on the trip : waterfall hiking , swimming snorkeling and enjoy sunset at Satonda salt water lake 

The boat trip

Day 3: Gili  Laba - Manta Point - Red beach - Kalong island

Activities : snorkeling in Manta point and red beach overnight in kalong island 

komodo dragons

Day 4: Komodo island - Rinca island - Kelor island- LabuanBajo

Activities on the trip : trekking for komodo dragons in komodo and rinca island maximum 2 hours - then snorkelling in kelor island continue to labuan bajo tour ends . 

labuan bajo harbour

Price : 

With cabin : 2.500.000IDR/person 

with Fan : 1.700.000IDR 

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cc your mail to : sutrifransiska@gmail.com 

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