Flores Rental Car Toyota Avansa for maximum 5 people

Take a Tours around flores island also possible just hire or rental  a car with a driver.

When you want to hire a car with driver in Flores island please give us info about : 

- Total days (Then we will send you the itinerary)

- Total person (Then we will let you know which car you will use) 

- Please let us know if you have any special request 

- Please let us know your budget as well :) 

- Price for rental Toyota Avansa : 695.000IDR/day (And cause we are based in Labuan bajo so we usually charge one day extra for car rental from Labuan bajo till Ende or Maumere and will be an extra charge also if you start the tour from Ende or Maumere cause we are based in Labuan bajo)  

For Toyota Avansa maximum five people and 6 including driver


Email soon with the quick response to : info@florescharm.com or please fill in the booking form below

CC your Mail to : sutrifransiska@gmail.com 

Mobile/Whatsapp :  +6281337426934

YM :  florescharmtours

Skype : florescharm.tours