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Caci dance or folk dance is a war dance played  between the pair of male who fight with a whip and shield in Flores East Nusa Tenggara province . A dancer wielding whips  act as attackers and the other survive by using the shield . This dance are played during harvest thanksgiving  and a new year ritual , the opening ceremony of the land or other ceremonies and also coulde be played if there is anyone would like to see it . A fighter who acts as a hitter ( called paki in local language ) trying to whip an opponent with a whip made ​​of leather buffalo dried . Whip handle is also made ​​from buffalo leather loops. And a fighter who act as deterrent ( called ta'ang ), fending off an opponent with a whip lash shield called Nggiling and arc of interwoven bamboo or rattan called Agang. 
Rules on caci 
Caci are played by two men one by one to hit each other then turns . The fighter are divided into two groups alternately switch places as the attackers and the group survive. Caci has always played by the host group ( called one ata in local language) and migrants from other villages ( called ata pe'ang in local language).There is a Danding dance to open the game. The fighter  not only dance but also lashed whip into the opponent with poetry and singing . The location usually in front of the traditional house. When the enemy punches can be deflected, it would not prod the body . If it can not shield prod, the fighter will suffer injuries . If the affected eye lashes , then the player is immediately declared lost  and both players quickly replaced.The fight takes place to the accompaniment of beating drums and gongs sound and singing of the supporters .When a representative of the group matches the member of the groups give a  support with dancing . There is a Coconut shell used for drink Tuak (arrack) that is believed to give more strength for the fighter and spectators.
Costumes and symbols
Caci is derived from two words ca and ci. Ca means one and ci test. So the meaningfull of Caci is at test one by one  to prove who is right and wrong. The fighter are equipped with a whip, shield, repellent  and headcovers . The fighter shirtless but they wore a long white pants and black songket (a typical sarong of Manggaraian) t protec thigh and calf. Black songket  wrapped around the waist to the knee to cover most of the long trousers . Mounted in back waist bells strands that read following fighter movement .There  is a mask or headcover made from tough buffalo leather upholstered colorful cloth Headpiece shaped like buffalo horns are used to protect the face from the prod . Face covered with cloth headband so  the eye can still see the direction of movement and punch the opponent. The head and face of the fighter is almost entirely covered head covers and sarong , wound tightly around the face in order to protect the face and eyes of the lashes . The entire body shell as the target player is valid lashes , unless part of the body from the waist down that marked a piece of cloth hanging from the waist belt The skin on the chest, back , and arms are open is a whip target . Caci also proving the power of the medium as well as a man Manggarai . Lash injuries resulting admired as a symbol of masculinity . Caci is full of the symbolism of the buffalo is believed to be the strongest and vicious animals in Manggarai area . whip symbolizes the power of fathers , male virility , penis , and the sky. Shield symbolizes the mother , the female , the uterus , as well as the world . When the whip dilecutkan and the shield , then there is unity between the whip and shield .For the Manggarai regency , caci a big party . Village organizers cut some buffalo for food the participants and spectators . Thank you for visit our site
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