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Alor is one of the regency in East Nusa Tenggara Province which the capital in Kalabahi. This district that the archipelago shaped and cruise lines crossed by international trade to the pasific ocean. 

1. Meaning of Logo

Alor region shaped paintings symbol"shielding five aspects"and in the painting are included :

- Banyan tree and the altar

- Traditional house and moko

- Rice and cotton

- Stars and arrows

Coat with full color as follows : 

- shielding five aspects basic red color and blue striped 

- mesbah black and white

- banyan tree dark green and brown ground

- black arrow

- the traditional house with of dark brown 

- Moko black

- Yellow strands of coloured rice

- petal green cotton bolls and white

- five-pointed stars in yellow gold

- streches of white ribbon and the black line on the edge of the top and three coils of the black rope 

Symbol and Meaning of colours

- shielding of five aspects red and blue base color despitc the Alor Nationalist community with pure and bold where all effort aimed at national based interest on philosophy Pancasila in one unified insight in to the nature of archipelago as well as fertility of Alor region. 

- Banyan tree with dark green stems and brown ground black white altar integral reflects the protection of living life in the spiritual and material life within the scope of Alor

- The dark brown traditional house and black moko cannot be interpreted in isolation where the custom house will keep heirlooms of a tribal sign reflects the history and the cultural as well as get the economy value. 

- Five-pointed star in yellow gold reflects the belief in God according to the philosophy of Pancasila 

- The arrows are placed transversely separating red and blue colours reflects the dynamic spirit of the people in Alor

- Strands of 20 rice and 12 cotton flower ,  the composition of the altar stone in sequence from top to the bottom with size :straight thick= 1, a row of stone =9,a row of stones=5, a row of stone =8, all the stone structure that represents the day of the date and year of Alor region namely december,20 1958.

2. Tourist Object 

Reefs and marine life which is fascinating is the mainstay of Alor tourist treats. Clarity of water inhabited by sea coral and

colorful fish make known to the Alor marine entire universe. The marine park of Alor touted the second best in the world after the carribean.

3. Marine Park

Marinep park in Alor and Pantar island easily accessible by land and sea transportation from Kalabahi the capital of Alor

island. This area has an 18 dive point called Varunas Dive Site namely : 

- varunas point

- never never wall

- cave point 

- barrel sponge wall

- mola mola point

- night snacks 

- alor dreaming

- rocky point

- three coconuts 

- moving pitcures 

- eagle ray point 

- rahims point

- tuna channel

- anemone country 

- sharks reeway

- octopus garden 

- captain choice

- the refrigerator 

Having a clean sea water,  marine life which is diverse there is a point dive that can be enjoyed at night and world class marine park


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