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West Riung is one of the district in Ngada regency located in the north coast of Flores island. From Bajawa the capital of Ngada regency can be reach within 2 hours by car. Riung previously was the only islamic empire in Flores island and never in its domination by any nation or tribe in Flores island.Riung kingdom led by a king named Ismail Sila Petor. The boundaries of the Riung  empire  as follows :

- in the west with Manggarai regency 

- in the south with Bajawa and Soa district

- in the east with Mbay regency

- in the north with Flores sea

Now Riung district been separated into three district namely 

1. Riung district with the capital of Riung 

2. West Riung with the capital of Maronggela

3. South Riung with the capital of Wangawelu




For Riung , figure 17 is a number thats is not unfamiliar in anyones ear. Marine park 17 island in Riung save a million natural beauty full of charm.Called the seventeen islands because indeed the region has seventeen large and small clusters island namely : Pau island,Mborong island,Ontoloe island,Dua island, Kolong island,Lainjawa island,Halima island,Patta island,Rutong island,Meja island,Bampa island,Bukit Tiga island,Tembaga island,Taor island,Sui and Wire island.Natural attractions of seventeen marine park has various unique and magnetism such as sea roses,various types of coral reefs,white sand and bats mangroves in Ontoloe island. In addtions in its archipelagic region with the beautiful sea garden the land teritory also nor less interesting. Besides Mbou (similar which is a giant lizard prehistoric beast who still live in a natural habitat. Communities inhabit this district also come from various tribe language and culture in Indonesia such as Bugis,Bima,Bajawa and Manggarai .

This diversity gave birth cultural and  grow of a mixture of tradition of dinamically in an atmosphere of harmony. Riung likened as a girl who had just adulthood with all its beauty. Riung offer many things besides the marine-based tourism activities ,Riung also offer a variety other tourist activities such as bird watching,botany,trekking and cultural attractions which becomes a combination of holiday package attractive for anyone who visit to Riung . Thank you for visit our site


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