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Administratively, Sano Nggoang lake is located in the village wae sano West Manggarai regency.The distance from Labuan Bajo as the capital of Manggarai regency 63 kms and takes about 3 hour by using private vehicles such as four wheels and two wheels. The quality of the road to tourist attraction from Labuan Bajo are paved roads while from Werang village to the lake is rocky roads but for the future will be held paying project to the lakes so make it easy for tourist to travel to this lake. Tourist visit to the lake has been incresing.

Sano Nggoang lake tourism area is situated at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level  and the lake area has a potentsial as follows:

1.Volcanic Lake

This lake has an area of 513 ha, a depth of approximetely 600 meters. The lake is main attraction with fairly high sulfur content, so that tourist can do activities for healty skin and refresing. Sano Nggoang by unspoiled area that adds vallue to the beauty and comfort for the travelers.

2. Sulfur Hot Water

In the vicinity of Sano Nggoang  lake, there are hot spring that reach 1000 cc with naturalness that is very good value.the main atraction for the tourist to boild food such as eegs,bananas and in addition tourist can perfom natural spa in a small pond on the edge of the lake.

3.Endemic Bird Flores (Flores Crow )

Bird species found around Sano Nggoang lake are water bird (duck mountains, ducks livid), species endemic flores (flores crow)restricted range species (testia timor, cekakak tungir). The area of Sano Nggoang lake increasing attractiveness to bird observation area because the number of the bird populations around the lake is still relatively large. 

4. Natural Pharmacy 

In the vicinity of the forest area there are natural pharmacy that is often used by local people for traditional medicines such as fever, flu , malaria, pregnant woman and giving birth to the cancer. This location is the main attractions for the tourist due to go on the trekking paths. 

5. Peak Savana Eco Tourism

One of the activities that demand by tourist are trekking to the top of savana eco tourism. Trekking is quite easy to do and takes about 4 hours for go and back. From the top of savana eco tourism tourist can see the view of the lake, Mbeliing moutain and small island . In addtions tourist will be threated a traditional local food and coffee. 

Tourism development can not be separated with the tourist facilites are availabel because in every tour activities undertaken by tourist need accomodation,food,drinks and informations. Procurement of tourism facilities undertaken by non-governmental community of Indonesia bird involve community involvement.This is order to maintain continuinty of the tools available. Facility tours area available at the tourist area of Sano Nggoang lake still relatively limited. Because procurement facility should be done with in depth environmental impact assessment so not to cause environmental damage. The facilities there such as trash facilities, home stay, tourism awareness and board equipment such as binocular for bird watching. 


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