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Flores of the portuguese language meaning "flowers"are in East Nusa Tenggara (ENT) province Indonesia.Flores included in the group of Lesser Sundas along with Bali and West Nusa Tenggara(WNT).The highest peak in Ranakah mount (2350 metres) which the second highest mountain in ENT province after Mutis mount (2427 metres in West Timor.Flores ,Sumba,Alor and Timor island are the four major island in ENT province which was one part of the Indonesian archipelago with 566 islands. Flores with an area population and resources both natural and man who was considered quite edequate is now preparing itself to be an expansion in ENT province. At the east and west end of Flores island there are several small islands. In the east there are clusters of Lembata,Adonara and Solor while the west is the constellation of Komodo and Rinca island. Ethnic groups in Flores is an ethnic mix of Malay,Melanesian and Portuguese.Due to ever be a colony of Portugal the interaction with the culture of Portuguese is very pronounce in the culture of Flores island either through genetic,religion and culture.
pink beach 
kelimutu lake
1. Administration 
Flores is the part of East Nusa Tenggara province.The island devide into 8 district from west to east end as follows :
- West Manggarai with the capital of Labuan Bajo 
- Manggarai with the capital of Ruteng 
- East Manggarai with the capital of Borong 
- Ngada with the capital of Bajawa 
- Nagekeo with the capital of Mbay
- Ende with the capital of Ende 
- Sikka with the capital of Maumere 
- East Flores with the capital of Larantuka 
2. Geography
Flores has a few volcanoes active 
ranaka mount
kelimutu lake


3. Flora and Fauna 
Flores has one of those rare and endangered species in the world of Varanus Komodoensis or better known as the giant komodo. This raptil live in Komodo and Rinca island both located in West Manggarai regency.Besides Rinca and Komodo island Flores also has one more national park located in Ende district . The main attraction is Kelimutu lake (three colour lakes). But actually inside the national park Flores also was naturally grow and develop various kinds and species of plants and moss. 
komodo national park
komodo dragons


4.Archelogical site 
In september 2003 at the Liang Bua cave western Flores paleoantropologis found the skulls species of Hominid that were previously unknown. This finding is called "flores man"(homo floresiensis nick namee hobbit). Status of Finding is still debated whether including homo erectus or homo sapiens 
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