Thank you very much for visit our website. Florescharm Tours and Travel was established on 2010 and legalized by the minister of law and human rights with a number :AHU-52787.AH.01.01 2011. 

Florescharm Tours and Travel dedicated to providing our customer to Komodo island, Flores island till Lamalera island to see the greatest and beautiful realm. This company focused on nature, culture, people, komodo dragons, unique traditional house , lakes, custom events and so many more . We always work profesionally  to serve you since you make booking till we meet . You check all the tour package that we have and just let us know about the  package that you want and send us email soon or contac us via whatsapp . 

Our Team :

Fransiska, the owner of Florescharm Tours and Travel. 
I am a wife and mother of son. I dont like if anyone call me a boss 😠 , i prefer to be a staff who works everytime , everyday. I serve anything in this company like Marketing, reservation, help in administration, help in logistic etc. My cell phone open 24 hours to pick up your call or chat with you +6281337426934 , so please dont be hasitate to contac me anytime.  

I am Didimus  and i am a tour guide since 2010. And i am working with Florescharm Tours and Travel since 2012 as an english tour guide. I help everyone in company as well like in reservation and operational

I am Rosalia as a reservation and administration. I am working with Florescharm Tours and Travel since 2013. If its too much reservation Fransiska always help me to take over the reservation, she is a good manager and she is very nice and lovely mother.


I am John Daniel and i am guide driver and operational staff. We have a good team in Florescharm Tours and Travel so dont worry to take a trip with us, we always do our best and make you satisfied and comfortable during your trip. 


I am Jeremy, i am an english tour guide, always handle a  group of Florescharm Tours and Travel. Dont worry to take a trip with us we always do our best.